December 20, 2014
Banvit BK Bandirma
5 ERDOGAN, SERKAN Turkey Guard 1.90 1978
6 ONEN, TUFAN Turkey Forward 2.02 1989
7 EDGE, SAFAK Turkey Guard 1.85 1992
8 DAVIS, CHUCK United States of America Forward 2.02 1984
9 MEJIA, SAMMY Dominican Republic Guard 1.98 1983
11 CANTEKIN, DUSAN Turkey Center 2.19 1992
12 TURKYILMAZ, IZZET Turkey Center 2.10 1990
13 SIMMONS, KEITH United States of America Forward 1.96 1985
14 LUCAS, KALIN United States of America Guard 1.85 1989
15 STIMAC, VLADIMIR Serbia Center 2.10 1987
22 CINKO, EROL CAN Turkey Guard 1.88 1990
30 VEYSELOGLU, ERKAN Turkey Forward 2.00 1983
51 BAJRAMOVIC, KENAN Bosnia and Herzegovina Forward 2.07 1981
 Head Coach    
  ENE, ORHUN Turkey    
Club info
Banvit Bandirma comes off another solid season and has great hopes in the 2014-15 Eurocup. Banvit, coached by Dimitris Itoudis and led by Sammy Mejia, reached the Eurocup Last 32 and was first at the end of the Turkish League regular season, but could not add a title to its roll of honors. The club's run started back in 1994, when it was founded by workers at Banvit, a meat company in Bandirma. It competed in local leagues until moving up to the regional level in 1998. The club made it to the Turkish second division in 2001 and became the 2004 second-division champion and earned the right to play against the very best teams in its country. Banvit shined in its European competition debut by reaching the 2005 FIBA Europe Cup semifinals and made it to the 2006 Turkish League playoff semifinals. Banvit kept competing hard both at home and in Europe and returned to the Turkish League semifinals in the 2009-10 season. Its Eurocup debut came in the 2010-11 campaign and one year later, it finished a tiebreaker short of a quarterfinals berth. In the 2012-13 season, Banvit narrowly missed out again on the Eurocup quarterfinals and advanced to the Turkish League finals, downing Besktas and Anadolu Efes in the process. This season, the pride of Turkey's Marmara Region hopes to take on its greatest challenge yet – to keep fighting hard in all competitions, but also to start collecting titles on the way to the next well-deserved step forward.
President Mr. Ozkan Kilic
Address Kara Ali Acar Spor Salonu 600 Evler, Bandirma
10200, Balikesir - Turkey
Kara Ali Acar Spor Salonu, 600 Evler, Bandirma, Turkey
Tel. +90 266 721 46 76
Fax +90 266 721 46 78