December 21, 2014
CEZ Basketball Nymburk
4 BENDA, PETR Czech Republic Forward 2.03 1982
5 RAIVIO, DEREK United States of America Guard 1.91 1984
6 WASHINGTON, DARIUS United States of America Guard 1.88 1985
7 HRUBAN, VOJTECH Czech Republic Forward 2.00 1989
8 DLUGOS, THEODOR Czech Republic Guard 1.83 1997
9 WELSCH, JIRI Czech Republic Guard 2.02 1980
10 HOUSKA, PAVEL Czech Republic Forward 2.05 1984
11 SIMMONS, TRE United States of America Guard 1.95 1982
13 RANCIK, RADOSLAV Slovakia Forward 2.07 1978
15 BARTON, LUBOS Czech Republic Forward 2.00 1980
16 BENNETT, STEVEN United States of America Guard 1.70 1988
23 BURNS, CHRISTIAN United States of America Forward 2.03 1985
31 KRIZ, MARTIN Czech Republic Forward 2.00 1993
41 STUTZ, GARRETT United States of America Center 2.13 1990
51 SVOBODA, MATEJ Czech Republic Forward 1.98 1996
55 POMIKALEK, TOMAS Czech Republic Forward 2.00 1989
 Head Coach    
  KEMZURA, KESTUTIS Lithuania    
2014-15 Games
Last 32 0 wins, 0 losses

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Jiri Welsch, CEZ Basketball Nymburk

CEZ Basketball Nymburk is in its eighth Eurocup season and has the chance to return to the Last 32 by advancing from difficult Group C. Nymburk will qualify with a home win against Baloncesto Seville, but would be out with a loss, unless both EWE Baskets Oldenburg and Proximus Belgacom Spirou lose their respective games, too. Nymburk had a strong start to the season by winning four of its first six games, but is on a three-game losing streak, which has prevented the team from qualifying so far. Thus Nymburk faces a make-or-break game and will need its most experienced players to step up. One of them is veteran swingman Jiri Welsch, who is in his third season with Nymburk after a long career in Slovenia, USA, Spain and Belgium. Welsch is playing a key role by doing a little bit of everything to average 7.1 points, 3.3 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 0.9 steals and is the only Nymburk player to start all nine Eurocup games. Welsch is fully aware of the importance of this critical game, as he told Javier Gancedo of in this interview. "It is a huge game for us, probably the biggest game of the season so far because the first goal of our club is to advance to the Last 32," Welsch said. "It is all or nothing on Tuesday and everybody is looking forward to playing and hopefully making it to the next round."

Club info
No team has dominated its domestic competition in recent years the way CEZ Basketball Nymburk has in the Czech Republic. This year the club hopes will be the season that dominance translates into a spot in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Nymburk enters the qualifying rounds for the fourth time aiming for its breakthrough. Last season the club enjoyed a strong Eurocup campaign that saw it reach the eighthfinals before returning home to claim its eighth consecutive Czech Cup and 11th straight Czech League title. Amazingly, all of Nymburk’s success has come recently. Founded in 1930, Nymburk is the oldest basketball club in the Czech Republic, but it wasn’t until 1995 that the current management, featuring former coaches and players, provided the spark for the current golden era. Nymburk climbed to the third division by 1997 and within three years won the second division and advanced to the top Czech league. Nymburk quickly established itself there by ranking third at the end of the 2001-02 season. Nymburk made it to the 2003 Czech League finals and its fans would not wait long to taste victory; Nymburk lifted the Czech League trophy the next year and has successfully defended it every season since. CEZ, the largest Czech utility company, soon became a general partner, which helped the club sign even better players. Nymburk made its ULEB Cup debut in the 2006-07 season and battled its way to the elimination rounds. In 2009-10, Nymburk advanced to the Eurocup eighthfinals. Looking for more challenges to satisfy a dedicated fan base, the Czech champion added both the Euroleague Qualifying Rounds and Adriatic League to its ambitions in 2010-11. Two years ago Nymburk expanded its schedule by joining the VTB United League and came close to the Eurocup Finals without losing its edge in the Czech League. After years of waiting, Nymburk fans hope that this be the year their team breaks through to play against the true lions of Europe.
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Czech National Cup: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
President Miroslav Jansta
Address Sportovni 1802
28835 Nymburk - Czech Republic
Za Elektrarnou 419/1, 17000 Prague - Czech Republic
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