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December 19, 2014
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Dynamo Moscow star: Travis Hansen
March 19, 2009
Travis Hansen - Dynamo MoscowIn his five seasons as a European basketball pro, Dynamo Moscow guard Travis Hansen has developed from role player and spot shooter to team leader and star. This year, his third in Moscow, Hansen has showcased his skills at both ends of the floor to help lead Dynamo back to a second consecutive Final Eight. Hansen joined Dynamo in 2006 and became one of its top players before an Achilles' tendon injury cut short his first season. He returned for the 2007-08 campaign and, with his shooting touch intact, began recovering his status as an impact player. This season, Hansen made his big leap forward, starting every Eurocup game while posting Dynamo's top scoring average, which was also the fourth-highest in the competition. What's more, Hansen amassed career-best numbers in assists and steals despite a midseason position switch to point guard. With him as playmaker, Dynamo won its first three Last 16 games, part of an eight-victory streak that led straight to the Final Eight. Besides ranking among the Eurocup's best 12 players in five different categories, Hansen was also the shortest player among the top 25 rebounders. All-around versatility makes Hansen a clutch player when it counts most, as Dynamo trusts he will show again at the Final Eight.
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