The Club Scene: Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem

One of the great clubs of Israel has already made its mark by lifting the ULEB Cup trophy, but especially inside the country, there may be some debate still about which team is meant by Hapoel....
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Jan 16, 2006

The Club Scene: Lietuvos Rytas

Perhaps nocapital city is as crazy and knowledgeable about basketball as Vilnius, Lithuana, making Lietuvos Rytas the kind of club those fans deserve.
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Mar 04, 2005

The Club Scene: KK Hemofarm

Just a few years ago, Vrsac, one of the oldest towns in Serbia, was more famous for its women's basketball team. Now, fans there can see the men's team of Hemofarm playing among Europe's best.
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Feb 08, 2005

The Club Scene: Gran Canaria

If one team can be said to go the furthest in order to compete in the ULEB Cup, that team is Gran Canaria, named for the capital of the Spanish islands that sit off th west coast of Africa,...
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Dec 28, 2004

The Club Scene: BK Ventspils

From the time it started in the ULEBCup in 2003, BK Ventspils has been winning and reminding people of the great tradition of Latvian basketball.
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Dec 15, 2003