ULEB Cup meeting welcomes expanded field of 54 clubs

Jul 01, 2007 by Euroleague.net Print
A ULEB Cup meeting was held on Sunday in Mestre, Italy with the purpose of giving all 54 teams in the newly expanded competition an opportunity to go over preparations for the upcoming 2007-08 season. The meeting provided representatives from all 54 teams a first chance to meet together and discuss the future and philosophy of the ULEB Cup, including the new image the contract with Nike as the supplier of the official game ball. The clubs also heard more about the competition system, starting with an opening game between ASK Riga of Latvia and Lukoil Academic of Bulgaria to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first-ever European championship final between those teams in 1958, and culminating in the first Final Eight, from April 10 to 13, 2008, to decide the ULEB Cup champion. It was also confirmed that the ULEB Cup will continue to develop its highly successful TV distribution with Eurosport, the competition's broadcast partner during the last two seasons. Since many teams are new to the competition this season, the meeting was also used to review ULEB Cup regulations and by-laws on diverse topics such as statistics, television, marketing and media. Clubs also were informed that ULEB has ongoing conversations with FIBA in order to establish a new criteria for relationships between the two organizations. The ULEB Cup meeting coincided with the first ULEB Summer League, whose title game was scheduled for later Sunday, and the 2007-08 regular season draw of the competition, which was held on Saturday, both in nearby Jesolo.