Pietro Aradori - Montepaschi SienaHello Euroleague fans! In a matter of days, we start the Turkish Airlines Euroleague playoffs and, once again, my team and I will face Olympiacos! We were able to qualify for the playoffs in the last game of the Top 16 without facing real pressure or the possibility of being eliminated. And this time, we did it without impossible trips! We made a jump to the Spanish League thanks to our otherwise all-Spanish group! By the way, this season we have taken a complete tour of that country: we started in Catalonia, playing FC Barcelona Regal during the regular season; then in the Top 16 we began in Madrid, then travelled south to Malaga and finished in the Basque Country, in Bilbao. Our last trip was the worst of our road games, because we lost at the very last second. The arena in Bilbao was full of fans, and the atmosphere was incredible, and it was great to be there that night. It was our toughest moment of the Top 16; we had just come off the Italian Cup Final Eight in Turin and were very tired after playing three games in four days. In fact, we stopped in Siena just to change our bags and start a new trip! But in the end we were able to get through all that and now we're ready to start a new adventure in the playoffs. And we cannot forget our amazing achievement from one year ago!

We did not start the 2011 playoffs on the right foot. The series began in Greece, the Peace and Friendship Stadium was hell, and after our poor performance in Game 1 – a 48-point loss! – the future did not look too good. I doubt anybody would have bet a single euro on us winning the series at that point, but in... more
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DATE: March 16, 2012
Pietro Aradori - Montepaschi SienaHello again to all the Turkish Airlines Euroleague fans. I’d like to start off this time by talking about the last few weeks. They were very unusual weeks because we spent practically all our time away from Siena. We played two Euroleague games in Spain and also two Italian League games on the road. It was somewhat similar to the preseason, when you spend so much time on the road, traveling for training camps or for friendly games and tournaments. The main difference was that all these recent games were very important for our season, and I have to say that this time together away from home has been tough, but it also helped us to improve our mentality and our way of thinking as a team, to all stay on the same page. It has been a Spain-Italy challenge, or better a Spain-Siena challenge, played so far just for a half, against two of the strongest team of that country, but it is not yet finished, and now they will come to our home court trying to get their revenge.

We come off this first part of the Top 16 mentally stronger and with more confidence, but we know we cannot change our attitude. I say that because of our experience from last season, when we started 0-2, but we never gave up and we were able to come back with great inner strength to qualify by going and taking a win on the difficult court of Belgrade. This means we have the ability to win both games against Madrid and Unicaja, but they could do the same thing. I think that all four teams in our group have the quality to continue to progress in the competition.

We left Siena last week when the snow was falling from the sky and we covered ourselves with our heavy coats, scarves... more
DATE: February 7, 2012
Pietro Aradori - Montepaschi SienaHello to all the Turkish Airlines Euroleague fans! First of all Happy New Year to all of Europe - especially to all the Italian fans and in particular, the Siena ones.

I would like to start talking about my season and Siena’s campaign just few hours before starting the Top 16. We played in a very tough regular season group with a powerhouse in Barcelona, and teams playing in hot arenas, like Kazan and Istanbul, and teams with long tradition like Union Olimpija and Prokom. We finished in second place after big road wins in Kazan, Istanbul, Ljubljana and Gdynia. But we cannot forget the epic battle with Barcelona in the Week 9 Game of the Week. This game happened at a bad time for us, with many injuries and new players just arrived. I had a complicated start to the season in finding my place in the team chemistry that we were building, but I finished at my best as a protagonist in the last two games played and it was a big satisfaction for me.

Since my Euroleague debut four years ago with Armani Jeans, and more since my arrival in Siena, I have always worked hard for one goal: to become a decisive player in such important and spectacular games like the ones played every week in the Euroleague in front of all the fans watching in the stands and on TV all around the world. And now that this happened I don't want it to stop, but I will work more... more
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DATE: January 17, 2012