Mincidelice JL Bourg en Bresse


- JaCorey Williams F 2.03
- CJ Harris F 1.91
- Axel Julien G 1.84
- Eric Mika C 2.09
- Rasheed Sulaimon G 1.94
- Maxime Roos F 2.02
5 Hugo Benitez G 1.89
7 Maxime Courby F 2.00
13 Pierre Pelos C 2.05

Head Coach: Laurent Legname
EuroCup 2021-22
Accumulated Statistics - All phases
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
Player G GS Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
Average Statistics - All phases
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
Player G GS Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
Club info

JL Bourg will be making its international debut this season with its maiden journey in the 7DAYS EuroCup. The club is just four seasons removed from playing in the French second division, which it won in 2017. After just missing the playoffs in its first two seasons in the elite level with ninth-placed finishes, Bourg was post-season bound in 2019-20. The club collected a 16-9 record for fifth place when the COVID-19 pandemic ended the season prematurely. Bourg also reached the French Leaders Cup, bowing out in the quarterfinals to JDA Dijon. Now after taking gradual steps up over the past few years, Bourg is ready to make its name known in the EuroCup as well.


2020-21 EuroCup 6-10 Top 16

TOTAL: 16 6-10
Club Trophy

The club was founded in 1910 with the basketball section beginning in 1947 and the first local Ain department championship coming in 1956. Bourg jumped to what is now the fifth division in 1963 and earned promotion in 1969. The club began producing better young French talent such as Jean-Luc Roediger and Thierry Maitejean, and the first American players came to the club in 1973. Bourg was relegated back to the fifth division in 1974 but returned to the fourth level just one season later. The club dropped back to the fifth division in 1978 and even spent one season in the sixth division. Bourg moved from the fifth to fourth league in 1985 and made a big jump in 1994 by winning the fourth division title with top names such as Jerome Monnet and 21-year-old captain Jean-Luc Tissot. In just its second season in the third flight, Bourg captured the title and entered the world of professional basketball by reaching the second division in 1996 - thanks to the one-year stint of future French international and Olympic silver medallist Crawford Palmer. The club reached the elite level in 2000 by winning the second division title. Bourg stayed in the first division for seven seasons - the biggest highlight being reaching the French Leaders Cup final in 2006. Bourg dropped to the second division in 2007 and stayed there for seven more seasons before earning promotion back to the top flight in 2014. It was a just a one-year stay though as the team went back down to the ProB. The club did have success after the relegation, winning the French ProB Leaders Cup crown in 2016 and taking the French second league title in 2017. Bourg showed right away back in the first division that it was ready to challenge for the playoffs. The team missed the post-season by one game in 2018 and Bourg had the same record as the last playoffs team in 2019, finishing ninth for a second straight season. Bourg also reached the 2019 French Leaders Cup final, losing to Strasbourg. In 2019-20, Bourg was on its way to finally reaching the playoffs with a 16-9 record and fifth place in the standings when the Covid-19 pandemic caused the end of the season. Bourg now gets the chance to show what it can do on the European stage.

Average Records - All seasons
Category Season Value
Index Rating 2020-21 89.62
Points 2020-21 80.19
Total Rebounds 2020-21 31.88
Assists 2020-21 17.12
Steals 2020-21 7.50
Blocks 2020-21 1.75
2-pointers made 2020-21 19.81
3-pointers made 2020-21 9.19
Free throws made 2020-21 13.00
Julien Desbottes
Club Address:
25 Avenue Marechal Juin, 01000 Bourg en Bresse, France
25 Avenue Marechal Juin, 01000 Bourg en Bresse, France