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The regular season will be the longest in competition history, featuring 18 games. And the excitement has officially started with the release of the full 2021-22 7DAYS EuroCup Regular Season schedule!

The regular season opens on Tuesday, October 19, so there is plenty of time to plan how you will enjoy 18 rounds of what promises to be the strongest, most competitive EuroCup campaign until now.

Despite having a longer regular season, there will be no double-round weeks in the EuroCup. Teams are scheduled to play for five consecutive weeks, then return to action on December 7 and play for three more weeks. There will be 10 regular season rounds in 2022, starting on January 12. There will be a one-month break between Round 13's last day, February 9 and Round 14's first one, March 8, and it will be non-stop after that until the end of the phase.

The regular season is due to finish on April 6, 2022, when the top eight teams in each group will be advancing to the elimination rounds, which consist of the eighthfinals, quarterfinals and semifinals, all played in a single-game format in for which the higher-ranked team from the regular season will hold home-court advantage.

The eighthfinals are scheduled to start on April 19, 2022, followed by the quarterfinal on April 27 and the semifinals on May 3. The single-game EuroCup Final date and location will be announced in the near future.

It is going to be a great basketball battle and at the end of it, one team will be left standing: the 2021-22 7DAYS EuroCup champion!

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