David Moss: "Now we have to do it again and again"

Oct 29, 2018 by Eurocupbasketball.com Print
David Moss: "Now we have to do it again and again"

Germania Brescia Leonessa is one of three teams debuting in the 7DAYS EuroCup this season and though most of its players lacked experience in this competition at the start of the season, one veteran stood out and as one of the main players on the team, forward David Moss. At age 35, Moss is playing his first EuroCup season after five EuroLeague campaigns with Montepaschi Siena and AX Armani Exchange Olimpia Milan. He helped Montepaschi win three consecutive Italian League titles in as many years with the club and reached the 2011 EuroLeague Final Four with that club, too. Moss won a fourth consecutive Italian League crown with Milan. After playing his first professional season with Polpak Swiecie of Poland, Moss has now been in Italy for more than a decade. This is his third season with Brescia. Rest assured, Moss still has a lot of competitive fire inside him and is ready to help Brescia make its EuroCup debut season one to remember. He will tell us all about it in his EuroCupbasketball.com blog!

We just got our first win ever in European competition and it was definitely an emotional night, especially for our fans. It is always a great honor to be a part of history, but for me, it was a little bittersweet because I thought we had opportunities to get it done before the last game. However, it is a trying season, so every small victory counts. At the end of the day, my mind is focused on the bigger picture. Sure, it is a great part of a part of that history, but I would like for us to keep growing and creating new history as we have been doing these past few years in Brescia.

It has been quite some time for this club, and this is why there were so many emotions after the game. As I said, I understand where they are coming from - three years ago, we won the trophy to go from the Italian second division to the first division and it was the same feeling. There have been a lot of firsts here in the past few years. It is definitely a joy for me to be part of that. I wasn't crying just because my mind is focused on the bigger picture and I think we have an opportunity to move on if we just can get it together as a group.

"Here, being the older guy, you just see things that you didn't see before. You see differences in the way guys approach the game and go about the game of basketball."

We had a very good defensive game against Crvena Zvezda. I would like to think that something changed, but you never know with a young team like us. Hopefully, some of the guys have started to understand that this is what we need to win games, and that's in any competition. You have to play defense! Every team has guys who can score baskets, but you have to be able to make that sacrifice and hopefully, we will be able to build from that game and see that this is what it took for us to arrive at this conclusion. So we have to do it again and continue to do it again. That is the mentality and sacrifice that you need to have. It is good one time, but now we have to do it again and again, so we can have a big season.

I am the most experienced guy on this team and it is different for me. At the same time, I am not really into being the coach/player type; I don't think I am there yet, because I still believe I can compete at a high level, contribute to a team and play... but it is new for me, honestly! It has come out of nowhere. I have been lucky to be a part of teams in which more or less everybody was on the same page as far as what the goal is for the season. Here, being the older guy, you just see things that you didn't see before. You see differences in the way guys approach the game and go about the game of basketball. I would say that the biggest thing for me was that it has been different and a little bit eye-opening. It has also been more of a self-check where I understood that I had to adapt myself to becoming a player that may have a different approach to basketball. It is definitely a challenge and something that I enjoy as I get older, but I still have the fire and desire to play at a high level.

I learned a lot from some players during my career. One of them is Rimantas Kaukenas. I definitely learned a lot from him. I saw Rimas battle back from knee surgery. He had the surgery and within a month, he was already running kilometers! When you see that type of thing, there is no excuse. I tell people all the time that in Siena, the three years that I spent there, the practices were much harder than the games. That was all I needed to understand that, at this level of basketball, you have to bring it every day, and that's practices, games... whatever it is, you have to bring it! I definitely learned that from being with those guys and competing against them in practice, seeing what they were able to accomplish. That example from Rimas has always stood out in my mind because he had just had surgery - and it was a serious knee surgery! - and here he is, a month later, running kilometers. There were many examples like that in Siena, but what I got from there is that you have to bring it every day. That stuck with me throughout my whole career.

"The excitement is here! It is just up to us to continue to grow and put out a good product."

We will play against ratiopharm Ulm in Germany in Round 5. Every game is important, especially the way that we began the EuroCup. Every game is pretty important for us and it is always good to get a win on the road. That is what the big teams do; you can win on the road and get a good chance to advance. Hopefully, we will go there with the right mentality, the right approach and come out with a victory. It will not be easy, but I think we have the quality to get a victory there. We will see what happens!

Because we had such a slow start, the true fans have been supportive, but the fans that had started to come and watch the team have obviously been a little disappointed because we come off a great year and had such a slow start. It has been up and down, but if we continue to fight and grow, the fans will support us even more; these fans have been great in my time here. This is my third season here and they have been amazing, even attending road games that were far away, in which you think "there is no way we will have fans there" and sure enough we had them even in these types of road games. The excitement is here! It is just up to us to continue to grow and put out a good product of basketball. At the end of the day, these fans here understand the game; it doesn't really matter if we win or lose if we put it all out and they have to see the fire and the desire in us. That is the biggest key for us, to fight 40 minutes because the fans here love basketball.