Eurocup 2012-13, Group B analysis and quotes

Oct 09, 2012 by Print
Gescrap Bilbao Basket
Gescrap Bilbao BasketGescrap Bilbao Basket made it to the Turkish Airlines Euroleague playoffs last season and reached the Eurocup semifinal in its two previous appearances. Euroleague-winning playmaker Nikos Zisis, center Milovan Rakovic and power forward Adrien Moerman are its main signings. Gescrap managed to keep Raul Lopez, Roger Grimau, Alex Mumbru, Kostas Vasileadis and Axel Hervelle - five well-rounded veterans ready to lead Bilbao really deep into this competition.

KK Buducnost VOLI Podgorica
KK Buducnost VOLIAlways used to compete against heavier budgets with young talent and a loyal fan base, KK Buducnost VOLI Podgorica faces another Eurocup season after reaching the quarterfinals last season. Gerald Lee, Cedomir Vitkovac, Demarquis Bost and Aleksa Popovic are set to play a major role in this team but Buducnost has plenty of talented players like Strahinja Milosevic, Pavlin Ivanov and Nikola Ivanovic. Those who underestimate Buducnost will pay a high price this season.

Belgacom Spirou Charleroi
Belgacom Spirou CharleroiBack in the Eurocup after two years in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, Belgacom Spirou Charleroi hopes to use that experience to do well in its eighth appearance in the competition. Je'Kel Foster and Justin Hamilton will share the point guard duties, Matt Walsh will be its main scoring reference and a strong frontline featuring Andre Riddick, Derrick Allen, Michael Scott and Christophe Beghin will try to make the difference under the baskets.

PBC Lukoil Academic
Lukoil AcademicPerennial Bulgarian League champion PBC Lukoil Academic is back in the Eurocup, its favourite competition, ready to enjoy the experience and compete for a Last 16 spot. Brandon Heath, Bozhidar Avramov and Todor Stoykov - the Eurocup's all-time top scorer - are back to lead a team that found depth and talent by bringing in Darryl Watkins, Mohammed Abukar and Devin Green to build a solid frontline. Always strong at home, expect Lukoil to deliver good basketball.


Gescrap Bilbao Basket general manager Predrag Savovic:
"We already played against Spirou and Buducnost two years ago. Lukoil is a quality team because they would not be here otherwise. I think it will be a group where we can have a good chance to advance and grow as a team. The trips are not very long and we were lucky with that, we could have gotten longer trips. We are happy about the draw and now we have to get ready and face the Eurocup and make it as far as possible."

Spirou Basket sports director Jacques Stas: "Playing the Eurocup is a different story after playing the Euroleague for the last two years. We invested a lot oftime, energy and money in thelast two years and we have gone a little down in our budget. Still, we want to be competitive, go to the next round and I think everything is open beyond Bilbao. I think they will win the group. It's really hard to play Buducnost inMontenegro and Lukoil has several American players and it all depends on hjow they fit as a team. Everything is open for second place."

PBC Lukoil Academic general manager Sasho Vezenkov:
"This is a very strong group because Gescrap BB is a very good team and the other three teams will probably have to fight for second place. We hope to be that team and to make it to the Last 16. That's our initial goal, to make it to the Last 16."