Alba Berlin strengthens ties with China

Apr 04, 2014 by Print
Alba Berlin strengthens ties with China
Merkel, Ping

The capitals of Germany and China, Berlin and Beijing, mark two decades as sister cities this year and Alba Berlin will be at the heart of the celebrations. One of the noteworthy events takes place this weekend when Alba Berlin is organizing a friendship cup tournament at Max Schmeling Halle in which 150 young players from across Germany and China will compete in a festive atmosphere.

The second annual friendship cup tips off at 09:00 CET on Saturday, April 5, and the action will continue throughout the day. After the competition draws to a close, the participants will be Alba Berlin’s guests at its German League game that evening against Rasta Vechta at 02 World, where they will be recognized with a small ceremony.

Co-hosting the event is the Society of Chinese academics at TU Berlin, while ALBA Group, the recycling specialists and sponsors of the basketball team, and the municipality of Berlin are also sponsors of the event.

Alba now can point to one very big fan in China, too, none other than President Xi Jinping, who recently received the gift of a team jersey from his German counterpart, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Our 2011 visit in Beijing was very exciting for the team and for me personally and the beginning of an ongoing partnership," Alba Berlin CEO Marco Baldi said. "Since then we have not only made many contacts, but Chinese and Germans have opened up the opportunity to play basketball. Precisely in this anniversary year, we will intensify the exchange with the Chinese basketball institutions and deepen our cooperation in Germany and China at all levels."