Roster Rundown: Buducnost VOLI Podgorica

Sep 22, 2016 by Print
Roster Rundown: Buducnost VOLI Podgorica


Club legend and former EuroLeague star Vlado Scepanovic has been handed the reigns to the team. It will be first coaching gig of his career, and the rookie boss has an intriguing, experienced team. No two Buducnost signings are more significant than the arrivals of playmaker Marcus Williams and rim-protector Shawn James. Buducnost has really bolstered and invested in its playmaking with a pair of proven veterans who both previously played for the team - J.R. Reynolds and Nemanja Gordic – as well as veteran guard Nemanja Vranjes, who is set to make his EuroCup debut. Also returning to the club after years away is power forward and rebounding ace Boris Savovic. Two youngsters, guard Petar Popovic and center Zoran Nikolic, will add depth, but also gain significant experience this season with the club.


With the addition of Williams and re-union with Reynolds and Gordic, Buducnost will have great depth at the point guard position. The return of Sead Sehovic and arrival of Vranjes give the team more playmaking options, however the team’s go-to-guy will remain swingman Suad Sehovic. He has been the most reliable scorer for Buducnost over the past three seasons. In addition, the ability of the Sehovic brothers, Reynolds and Gordic to apply serious pressure on the perimeter could create serious problems for any opposing offense. Behind them all are two exceptionally promising youngsters, who will try to put all the minutes they get into good use. The 18-year old Ognjen Carapic will try to build on the experiences gained in his first full professional campaign last season, while 20-year old scorer Petar Popovic will get his first taste of EuroCup action.

Buducnost VOLI Podgorica 2016-17 (photo Buducnost)


Buducnost has gained a significant defensive boost with the addition of former EuroLeague champion and All-Euroleague selection Shawn James. Considered one of the best shot-blockers on the continent, James will be central piece of the team’s front line. Power forwards Bojan Subotic and Boris Savovic will help taking care of business on the glass, and both are capable of hitting from long distance. Behind them are three 20-year olds who are in the long-term vision of the club: Vasilije Bacovic, Zoran Nikolic and Aleksa Ilic. That trio will provide more depth in the interior.


After almost an entire year away from basketball – apart from six games he played in December – Marcus Williams returns to the floor motivated and focused to show he can again reach the level that not long ago saw him break the EuroLeague’s single-season assists record. Williams’s court vision combined with his ability to deliver an assist is what makes him a natural playmaker, but it is his ability to get buckets that makes Williams all the more dangerous and helps him make his teammates better. If Williams can get Buducnost running on all cylinders, it would make them hard to stop.


Buducnost has managed to get past the EuroCup Regular Season only once since 2013. Now, returning to the completion for the ninth time in 10 seasons, the perennial Montenegrin champion has given the roster a facelift over the summer with a series of experienced and proven additions. Sprinkled among a group of homegrown talents, those tested veterans give first-year Coach Scepanovic plenty of aggressiveness in the backcourt and size and muscle close to the rims, a combination that could take Buducnost a long way this season.