Tofas showed off-court sportsmanship, again

Nov 08, 2018 by Print
Tofas showed off-court sportsmanship, again

Tofas Bursa was at it again this week, offering its opponent that arrived to Bursa more than just official hospitality. ALBA Berlin ran into a problem before these two teams' Round 6 clash; the equipment box of ALBA's physiotherapist did not find its way to Bursa and the team had no one to turn for help but its host.

It is hard even to begin to explain how important for any player the role of a team physio is before practices and especially games. But, without thinking even for a moment, Tofas offered to help out and equipped ALBA's staff with everything it needed. And who knows, in a game that went into overtime and was decided by a few minor details, maybe that made the difference in ALBA's dramatic 101-106 victory.

Interestingly, it was the second time in three EuroCup home games that the Tofas staff came to the aid of a visiting opponent before a game this season, which is certainly worth commending. In Round 2, Arka Gdyinia center Robert Upshaw arrived in Bursa without his basketball shoes and Tofas brought several pairs before having reserve center Muhsin Yasar loan his shoes to his counterpart

Once again, sportsmanship at its finest in the 7DAYS EuroCup. Again by the same team. Kudos Tofas Bursa!