MoraBanc's silver linings

Mar 22, 2019 by Print

Being down 0-1 in a three-game series is seldom positive, but the playoffs rookies from MoraBanc Andorra have some silver linings to savor heading into Game 2. First, of course, they are undefeated in the principality through nine games so far in this 7DAYS EuroCup season. Add to that MoraBanc's posting of a 111 PIR despite losing Game 1 by 102-97 to ALBA, after having trailed 59-43 at halftime. That PIR total is the highest in semifinals history for a losing team. What's more, it's the second-highest ever by a visiting team. Most of MoraBanc's production came in the second half, too, so let's see if that surge, which was too little too late in Berlin, can carry over into Game 2 on Friday for the playoffs novices.