Reaction to the 2019-20 7DAYS EuroCup Draw

Jul 12, 2019 by Print


Group A - 7DAYS EuroCup Draw - EC19

Promitheas Patras President & CEO Christos Milas:

"Being in the EuroCup is already an amazing experience for us. The group is tough and we will try to our best to see where we stand and how our performance is. It is very important for the club and our fans to be in the EuroCup, as well as for our partners and sponsors. We will try to keep getting better and the EuroCup is the way that we should go."

ratiopharm Ulm Director of Player Development and Sports Performance, Chris Ensminger:

"We are really excited to be once again in the EuroCup. this will the seventh season for our program in Ulm. We competed against Monaco and Andorra last season, so we know them quite well. We are looking forward to the competition. It's always a great competition and it’s great for the program and development. I think we're happy. We have great competitors and the goal will be like last season to try to make the Top 16, but it will be very difficult; there are very good teams in our group. It's always great to build on what you accomplished the past season, so we'll have to take it game by game and see how it goes."

MoraBanc Andorra general manager Francesc Solana:

"I believe we will play in a tough group with a lot of kilometers ahead of us. We will have long trips, but we have reasons to be happy. First of all, we are happy to be in the EuroCup for a third consecutive season, and because we have a group in which we can compete and advance to the Top 16, like we did last season. People are really excited about us being back to the EuroCup after the good results last season. The club did a good job and took the opportunity to be back in the EuroCup. It is very prestigious for us to play this competition."

AS Monaco General Manager, Oleksiy Yefimov:

"I think its a really competitive group. It will be interesting to participate and compete with such opponents. Patras had a great season advancing to the finals of the Greek League. We faced Ulm and Andorra last season in the EuroCup. So we are expecting great games. We made a good run for five years, but it’s never enough. We are trying to improve and we would like to make another step in our history in the EuroCup. Last season was our debut season and we advanced to the Top 16. Now we will definitely try to do better."

Segafredo Virtus Bologna director, arena operations Marco Patuelli:

"In the last season, after 10 years, we returned to European competitions and in this new season we will have the possibility to compete in the EuroCup regular season. For our club it is an important opportunity to grow our sports level. I think we have a good group in the regular season, which will give us the opportunity to get better as a team, to improve. Our goal is to go to the Top 16, this is the first goal - to be one of the top four teams in our group and then to arrive as far as possible in the competition."


Group B - 7DAYS EuroCup Draw - EC19

Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar sports directos Stanislav Momot:

"It is a pretty competitive group. All six teams have a very high level - as all teams in the EuroCup, in general. It is a pretty even group and I am sure we will probably see some unexpected results. Our expectations are the usual - we didn't get the easiest group but anyway, we have to go through and after that, keep working to achieve our goals."

Rytas Vilnius director Rolandas Jarutis:

"We respect all our opponents but are ready for everyone. We will wait for them in the lovely city of Vilnius. The EuroCup is a very important competition for us. We have participated in the EuroCup for many years. I think that our fans are going to be happy about the opponents they will be able to see in the first group stage."

Tofas Bursa general manager Tolga Ongoren:

"It is important for Tofas to be in the EuroCup. It is the second-best competition in Europe. Quality-wise, the EuroLeague is the best, after the NBA, but we are happy to be part of its family, part of the competition. This is our third straight year in the EuroCup, and this season we want to make it to the Top 16, after losing that opportunity in the last Regular Season game in each of the last two years. We played in Limoges and Krasnodar last season, two traditional clubs with great arenas and great fan bases."

Limoges CSP representative Richard Dacoury:

"I think we are in one of the two toughest groups in the draw, but it is what it is. We are happy to be in the EuroCup and will find the way as good as we can. Being in the first four in our group will be our initial goal. It is going to be a very hard objective but I hope we will find the way, with the support of the club and our fans. We will manage to make the best team that we can this year."

Partizan NIS Belgrade executive, Mladjan Silobad:

"It's a very tough group, not just because of big tradition and big teams, it's tough because it's very hard to travel to those places. So for the team, it's hard, but what can you do? This year we decided to play in the big arena, we wanted to play in front of more fans. It will be a lot of fun. Everybody likes to say that the fans are the sixth player for our team. We have the [same] coach from last year, he's a very serious coach. We need to bring more new players. We will go step by step. We will see."

Umana Reyer Venice Marketing assistant and event manager Matteo Valiera:

"All the groups are difficult in the EuroCup and every group is really hard and challenging for all teams. We played the EuroCup four years ago and for us, it was important to be back, we are really happy about it. It is a big opportunity for us to compete against big teams. We are also a great team and challenge all opponents."


Group C - 7DAYS EuroCup Draw - EC19

Darussafaka Tekfen Istanbul general manager Ahmet Eran:

"It is very important for us to be in the EuroCup, we really deserve to be here. The EuroLeague gave us a wild card to play in the EuroCup, and it is an honor and pleasure to be back again after winning the competition two years ago. We will try to do our best. Every group is strong, we will see what happens, but this year the competition will be higher than when we won the competition. It is a strong group, with many teams that played in the EuroLeague, plus Brescia and Nanterre are really strong in their domestic leagues. We will see what happens!"

UNICS Kazan sports director Claudio Coldebella:

"If you see the team that we got in Seed 6, which is Nanterre, you will understand that the level is pretty high. Nanterre is a really good team, but then Darussafaka won two years ago, and I am happy to see Joventut back at this level. Cedevita Ljubljana is a strong opponent, and I am happy to see a Italian team in our group. You never know - all groups will be difficult and have a pretty high level. We will try to do all the way - that is our ambition and our goal. We made it to the semifinals last season and I believe we are well-prepared. It is important for us to go all the way."

Cedevita Olimpija Ljubjlana general manager Davor Uzbinek:

"Ours is a new club, a merger between Olimpija, with all its history, and Cedevita, a newer club with presence for the last 10 years in the EuroLeague and EuroCup competitions. For the first time in history, two clubs in two different countries are merging. We are settling all the administrative things now, but at the same time, our sports department is working on finding new players. We are in the middle of this now: we have a few players and we need a few, but we hope to have a competitive team. 

"Our group is very interesting. UNICS is the absolute favorite, then Darussafaka is second and the other four clubs are equal. We don't know yet what rosters the teams will have but I think we'll be equal teams and it'll be a fight for all of us. We will be happy if we can get to the quarterfinals. In our first season, that will be a good result, but if we get there, of course, we'll fight to go further."

Joventut Badalona president Juanan Morales:

"We are happy to be back in this competition. We will play against top-class opponents. We hope our opponents see us as a top-class rival, too! The group has a little bit of everything, but it will be good or bad depending only on how we play. At first sight, all opponents are strong but we will have our chances to advance to the Top 16. There is something that is already determined, and that is the trips. We got the longest one possible, against UNICS in Kazan, but the rest are not bad. We cannot complain right now."

Alessandro Santoro, General Manager, Germani Brescia Leonessa:

"It's a difficult group, but stimulating, interesting, with great clubs that have made history in European basketball. For us, it's a great honor and another opportunity to grow. It's not important where or who we play, but it's important to stay here in a great competition like the EuroCup and to start the season with same the mentality, aggressiveness and attitude that permits us to have a great season. The EuroCup is a great competition, technically, but also a great league that can help all the clubs to improve. It's a good chance for us to continue on our way and try to do something more every year. This is our second year, but for us, it's important to stay for many years."

Nanterre 92 General Manager, Frederic Donnadieu:

"We are very excited to come back into EuroCup competition. We want to make a great show for our supporters, we know that we play big teams, so we will try to get better. We know every game is a tough game. It's very exciting to play every time against big players, big teams with big organizations. We are very happy. We play in the French Cup in September. Our coach will be with the French [national] team, but we have a big staff to prepare for [the EuroCup opener in] October. We will play maybe three games in the domestic league, so we will be ready for the EuroCup. It's important to be back because it's a big competition. For us, it's a good choice and we will do everything to get to the Top 16 and after that, we will see game by game."


Group D - 7DAYS EuroCup Draw - EC19

Galatasaray General Manager, Omer Yalcinkaya:

"It's very interesting teams. We respect all of them because it's very important names, but we're at the beginning of the season, so we didn't complete the roster. In one month we will see where we are. It’s going to be very interesting games. Galatasaray's name has great culture in Turkey and Europe as a brand. Our fans are so important, like a sixth man on the court. The last couple of years we were down, but now we’re up, so next season we are going to be a very competitive team. Our first goal is to be in the Top 16 and we will try our best. After that, who knows?"

Buducnost VOLI Podgorica Deputy CEO Marko Segerec:

"Of course, Unicaja and Galatasaray are definitely EuroLeague-level teams and have been in that competition for many years already. This season, we will return to a model that we used two years ago, when we won the Adriatic League. We will try to be the underdogs and reach the highest level we can without pressure. We will see - of course, we won't have easy trips but the level will be easier compared to the EuroLeague last year. It is difficult to organize everything but we will manage - this is, I believe, our 13th season in the EuroCup and few teams played it more than we did. The EuroCup is getting better and better, and that is the goal - to make the EuroCup the second most interesting competition in European basketball. With his significant changes, allowing one more team to go to the EuroLeague through the EuroCup, the level will go up. The semifinals will be even bigger than before."

Dolomiti Energia Trento CEO Salvatore Trainotti:

"Our goal this season is to make it to the Top 16. We know that it will be tough, because in the EuroCup you have 24 teams which are really good. We are in a tough group but we will try to do it. It is very important for Trento to play the EuroCup - for the team, the club, for the city. It helps us grow as a club, to get better and be more competitive."

German Gabriel, Assistant Coach, Unicaja Malaga:

"I'm happy, first, with the trips, which are not going to be really long, but it's a really historic group in terms of EuroCup. There are three or four teams with us that are really powerful in this competition, and there are two teams that are excited to play against the. So it's going to be a really exciting competition. Our ambition is high and we're just waiting to start.

"Every year we are really ambitious, and we always want to compete to see the EuroLeague at the end of the road, and especially this season when there are two teams that can qualify to the EuroLeague."

Srdjan Klaric, Sports Director of EWE Baskets:

"With the already strong field of participants, it was clear that there would not be any easy groups. This is probably the strongest EuroCup cast so far in the history of this competition. The fact that the two finalists qualify for the Euroleague should have a great influence on the motivation of all clubs. In our group, we have three former Euroleague clubs. Buducnost Podgorica, with a long tradition and a big budget, had several former NBA stars in the team last season. Galatasaray also has a lavish budget team. In addition, there's Unicaja Malaga, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a hot place in international basketball. Trento will bring a strong squad to the start. A very attractive group for our fans, who will have a lot of fun. It will be very difficult for us, but it is also feasible to reach fourth place and thus the next round."