Group B: Twin leaders, plenty of possibilities

Nov 28, 2019 by Print
Group B: Twin leaders, plenty of possibilities

With two teams qualified and the other four still in the hunt, Group B of the 7DAYS EuroCup Regular Season is certain to go down to the wire for at least one Top 16 spot.

While the top two teams in the standings – Umana Reyer Venice and Partizan mts Belgrade – have 6-2 records and cannot finish worse than second, Reyer has the upper hand and can clinch first place in Round 9 if it wins and Partizan does not.

Below them, there is still a big battle coming. The four other teams, all within two victories of each other, are set to face plenty of drama in the final two rounds. However, three of those four teams – Tofas Bursa (4-4), Rytas Vilnius (3-5) and Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar (3-5) – each holds destiny in its own hands.

Tofas needs only one more victory to qualify but is unlikely to advance if it loses both of its remaining games to direct competitors Rytas and Lokomotiv. Rytas has a path to get the qualification by winning in Round 9, but needs to win by 21 points or by 11 if it gets some help from Reyer.

Lokomotiv's destiny will surely be decided in Round 10, when it visits Tofas, while the last place Limoges CSP (2-6) needs to win, and get some help, to stay alive for the regular-season finale.

Round 9

Rytas Vilnius vs. Tofas Bursa, December 10
Limoges CSP vs. Umana Reyer Venice, December 10
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar vs. Partizan NIS Belgrade, December 11


Reyer (6-2) clinches first place if it beats Limoges (2-6) AND Partizan (6-2) loses against Lokomotiv (3-5).

Partizan (6-2) will be locked into second place if it loses against Lokomotiv (3-5) AND Reyer (6-2) beats Limoges (2-6).

Tofas (4-4) qualifies for the Top 16 if it beats Rytas (3-5).
Tofas (4-4) will clinch third place if it beats Rytas (3-5) AND Lokomotiv (3-5) loses against Limoges (2-6).

Rytas (3-5) qualifies if it beats Tofas (4-4) by at least 21 points in regulation time.
Rytas qualifies if it beats Tofas (4-4) by at least 11 points in regulation time AND Limoges (2-6) loses against Reyer.

Limoges (2-6) is eliminated if it loses.
Limoges (2-6) is eliminated if Lokomotiv (2-5) beats Partizan AND Tofas (4-4) beats Rytas (3-5).