Draw on Friday to launch 2020-21 7DAYS EuroCup!

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The new 2020-21 7DAYS EuroCup season will hit the ground running on Friday, July 10, when Euroleague Basketball hosts the competition's regular season draw from Barcelona, Spain. The event, which starts at 13:15 CEST, will be streamed live at the official Euroleague Basketball channel on YouTube, on the official EuroCup Facebook page and on EuroCupbasketball.com.

The draw will divide the 24 teams from 15 countries into four groups of six teams. They will play 10 regular season games – five at home and five on the road – from September 30 to December 16. The top four teams from each regular season group will advance to the Top 16, four new groups of six games each beginning December 30, 2020 and finishing on February 3, 2021. Three best-of-three game playoffs phases follow: quarterfinals from March 2 to 10; semifinals from March 16 to 24; and the finals from April 6 to 14. The end dates of each series assume that third games will be necessary.

The draw procedure calls for the 24 qualified teams to be divided into six seeding levels with four teams in each, in accordance with a club ranking elaborated for this purpose. Teams are sure not to face in the regular season any of the other three teams in the same seed level. The top seeds going into the draw are Promitheas Patras of Greece, Unicaja Malaga of Spain, and the Russian Federation clubs UNICS Kazan and Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar.

2020-21 7DAYS EuroCup Draw criteria and procedure

The draw will be held according to seeds.

  • The 24 qualified teams will be divided into six seeds with four teams in each, in accordance with the Club Ranking elaborated for this purpose.
  • The performance of teams in European competitions during a three year period will be used. Each club will get 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie or loss from the Regular Season onwards. 2 bonus points are allocated for reaching the last 16, 2 bonus points are allocated for reaching the last 8, 1 bonus point is allocated for reaching the last 4, 1 bonus point is allocated for reaching the Finals. The Club Ranking consists of the sum of the club coefficients from the last three years. The results of the worst performing team from each country/League will be added together every year to create a position for that country/League in the Club Ranking. This is the lowest possible position that any club from that country/League can occupy in the draw.
  • If two or more teams have the same Club Ranking, the tie will be resolved by the total number of wins during the three year period. Should a tie persist, the final standings in the Euroleague and if necessary EuroCup from the previous season will be used to break the tie. Should a tie still persist, the final standings in the Domestic Championship from the previous season (after the playoffs) will be used to break the tie. Should a tie still persist, a draw will be used to break the tie, with the Company determining the method for the draw.
  • The first four teams from the Club Ranking participating in the Regular Season will be 1 Seeds, the next four 2 Seeds, the next four 3 Seeds, the next four 4 Seeds, the next four 5 Seeds, and the remaining four teams will be 6 Seeds.


The restriction when drawing the teams into groups is the following:

  • Two teams from the same country cannot coincide in the same Regular Season group, except when there are five teams from the same country participating in the Regular Season. For these purposes, teams qualifying via the Adriatic League will be considered as teams coming from the same country.


  • Teams will be drawn one by one from an urn containing only teams in the same Seed, from the 1 Seeds through to the 6 Seeds, until all 24 teams have been selected.
  • For each spot drawn, the urn will be emptied and refilled with only teams from the same seed who can be drawn, taking into consideration any restrictions for this any and other group.
  • In the Regular Season, teams from the same country may not coincide in the same group. Therefore, when drawing teams from the 2 Seeds through to the 6 Seeds, only those teams from a country different than the ones already drawn into the Group will be placed in the urn. In the case of five teams from the same country participating in the Regular Season draw, the Group Draw Restrictions will be applied until it is physically impossible.
  • e.g.1. If a spot is to be drawn into a Group where there is already a team from a specific country, the teams from the country in question will not be placed in the urn.
  • e.g.2. If a spot is to be drawn into a Group and a certain team(s) cannot be drawn in a later Group, this team(s) will be the only one(s) placed in the urn.
  • A team may be placed directly into a Group in order to follow the restriction mentioned above.

Drawing the teams as explained above will eliminate all possibilities of a blocked situation.


A random computer draw will determine the final position of teams within their group.

  • The Regular Season calendar draw will allocate letters from A to F to the teams in each group. This will establish the pairings for the entire Regular Season.
  • The Regular Season games will be held according to the following chart:

Round 1 F-C D-B E-A
Round 2 A-F B-E C-D
Round 3 F-D E-C A-B
Round 4 F-B C-A D-E
Round 5 E-F A-D B-C
Round 6 A-E B-D C-F
Round 7 D-C E-B F-A
Round 8 B-A C-E D-F
Round 9 E-D A-C B-F
Round 10 C-B D-A F-E

Non-coincidence letters: (when one team plays at home, the other plays away):
A with D; B with F; C with E.


  • Non-coincidence letters will be allocated to teams that play in the same city/arena, so that when one team plays at home the other will play away. Boulogne Metropolitans 92 and Nanterre 92, Paris, France.

2020-21 Draw Seeds

Promitheas Patras
Unicaja Malaga
Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar
Buducnost VOLI Podgorica
MoraBanc Andorra
Herbalife Gran Canaria
Joventut Badalona
Maccabi Rishon LeZion
Lietkabelis Panevezys
Partizan NIS Belgrade
Dolomiti Energia Trento
Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana
Virtus Segafredo Bologna
Umana Reyer Venice
Germani Brescia
AS Monaco
Frutti Extra Bursaspor
Bahcesehir Koleji Istanbul
ratiopharm Ulm
Nanterre 92
Boulogne Metropolitans 92
JL Bourg
Telenet Giants Antwerp