Top 16 Group E: Round 5 possibilities

Feb 15, 2021 by Print
Top 16 Group E: Round 5 possibilities

Group E is one of the two Top 16 groups where no team has yet qualified after four games, but both tickets to the quarterfinals could be locked up if results fall the right way in Round 5.

AS Monaco and Joventut Badalona both hold 3-1 records, but Monaco has a head-to-head tiebreak advantage, having overcome Joventut's 7-point win from Round 3 by winning their Round 4 contest a week later clash by 15 points. Thanks to that victory, Monaco now holds everything in its hands ahead of Round 5, including Joventut's chances of going through.


AS Monaco 3 1
Joventut Badalona 3 1
Nanterre 92 2 2
Unicaja Malaga 0 4

Monaco has a straightforward path to securing one of the top two spots in the group; it will qualify for the quarterfinals with a home win over Nanterre 92. However, that's not the only way Monaco can get to the quarterfinals for the second straight year. Coach Zvezda Mitrovic's side can also go through if it loses by fewer than 28 points in regulation, combined with a Joventut loss at home against already-eliminated Unicaja Malaga.

Group E

AS Monaco (3-1) vs. Nanterre 92 (2-2), March 2
Joventut Badalona (3-1) vs. Unicaja Malaga (0-4), March 2

Monaco beat Nanterre by 28 points in their Top 16 opener, so a loss by less than that margin would secure Monaco a tiebreak advantage over Nanterre, too. If Joventut loses against Unicaja, it would lead to Joventut and Nanterre in that scenario both sitting at 3-2 and colliding in Round 6, which means only one of those two teams would be able to skip Monaco in the standings. Monaco can clinch first place in Group E in Round 5, but to do so it would need to beat Nanterre and see Joventut lose against Unicaja.

Joventut can qualify in Round 5, but it depends on the outcome of the other game in the group, too: Joventut moves to the quarterfinals if it beats Unicaja and Monaco defeats Nanterre. Such outcomes would mean both Monaco and Joventut would secure their quarterfinals tickets and the only thing left to sort out in Round 6 would be which team wins the group and gets home-court advantage in the quarterfinals.

2017 champion Unicaja has lost all chances to qualify after getting swept by Nanterre, which will stay alive with a chance to grab a quarterfinal berth if it beats Monaco or if Joventut loses in Round 5.

Scenarios in Round 5:

Monaco qualifies if it beats Nanterre.

Monaco qualifies if it loses by fewer than 28 points in regulation AND Joventut loses.

Monaco clinches first place if it wins AND Joventut loses.

Joventut qualifies if it beats Unicaja AND Nanterre 92 loses.

Nanterre is eliminated if it loses AND Joventut wins.

Unicaja has already been eliminated from quarterfinals contention.