Top 16 Group H: Round 5 possibilities

Feb 18, 2021 by Print
Top 16 Group H: Round 5 possibilities

Group H features one of the two teams that have already qualified for the quarterfinals, but is also the only group in which the second quarterfinalist cannot be decided in Round 5. At the top, UNICS Kazan has four wins in as many Top 16 games and has the easiest path to first place.


UNICS Kazan 4 0
MoraBanc Andorra 2 2
Herbalife Gran Canaria 1 3
Mornar Bar 1 3

UNICS will clinch first place if it beats MoraBanc Andorra at home in Round 5 – or if it losses the game by fewer than 7 points in regulation. UNICS beat Andorra 66-73 in their Top 16 opener and that's the cushion it has to win their head-to-head tiebreaker.

Group H

Mornar Bar (1-3) vs. Herbalife Gran Canaria (1-3), March 2
UNICS Kazan (4-0) vs. MoraBanc Andorra (2-2), March 3

UNICS has plenty to play for, however, because it is in a race for the home-court advantage throughout the playoffs, too. That is a race UNICS currently leads as it is tied for the best record and leads with the highest point difference (+60) of any team in the Top 16 so far.

After UNICS, there is plenty to sort out. Andorra cannot qualify in Round 5, but a win in Kazan, even by less than 7 points, would have an impact on the group; it would allow Andorra to keep its destiny in its own hands and in the process ensure that the loser between Mornar Bar and Gran Canaria was eliminated.

Gran Canaria is in the toughest position. A loss in Bar on Tuesday would give a sweep to Mornar and eliminate Gran Canaria regardless of the other result, cementing it in fourth place. On the other hand, Mornar controls its destiny and can still qualify even if it loses at home against Gran Canaria in Round 5, but only if Andorra loses, too.

With Mornar and Gran Canaria going against each other on Tuesday and Andorra visiting UNICS a day later, it will be two days of action in Group H to set up pivotal Top 16 finales a week later.

Scenarios in Round 5:

Already-qualified UNICS clinches first place if it beats Andorra OR losses by fewer than 7 points in regulation.

Mornar is eliminated if it loses AND Andorra wins.

Gran Canaria is eliminated if it loses.