EuroCup FabFive tips: Choosing the perfect team?

Apr 06, 2021 by Print
EuroCup FabFive tips: Choosing the perfect team?

The 7DAYS EuroCup has reached the semifinals, which means only four teams remain to choose players from for the FabFive Challenge. Accordingly, the decisions are that much tougher in certain categories, such as in Range 4, which has only four healthy players in it.

In such a situation, so many of the strategies from earlier in the season go out the window. Now it comes down to guessing which players will get the most playing time and thus the most chances to shoot in the lower ranges. And in the higher ranges, the goal is to isolate the best matchups.

There are fewer possibilities to choose from, but that also means that perhaps, for the first time this season, we will see a perfect team chosen in the FabFive Challenge? Let's try!

Here is our list of FabFive Challenge recommendations for the EuroCup Semifinals. Check out our suggestions and keep in mind that an injury or rotation change could change everything before Game 2.

Range 1 (0 to 3.99) – UNICS Kazan will need the hard work and hustle of Georgy Zhbanov on defense against the mighty Virtus attack. Zhbanov scored 5 points in each of UNICS's last two games and will take open shots when available.

Range 2 (4 to 7.99) – It makes sense for Herbalife Gran Canaria to rely on its bigs to counter Monaco's great rebounders and that should mean more opportunities for Aleksander Balcerowski, who averaged 8.0 points in the quarterfinals.

Range 3 (8 to 11.99) – Okaro White was tied for eighth in the quarterfinals in scoring with 14.3 points and began his career with Virtus. An in-form player motivated to face a formal team? White is a no-brainer.

Range 4 (12 to 14.99) – What's scary about choosing one of the two Virtus players available here is that both can have major contributions without scoring. That said, Kyle Weems has been to the semifinals before, is a starter with big minutes and will be ready for his chances when they arrive.

Range 5 (15.0 or higher) – Every player in this range is a go-to guy on a winning team who could easily shine on this stage. It appears that the only thing that can slow down Marco Belinelli is playing time; in the five games when he's spent at least 20 minutes on the floor, he has averaged 21.0 points. Is there any reason Belinelli would play less in Game 1 of the semifinals?

Make sure to follow the games on Tuesday and to reset your lineups, if needed, before the Game 2s on Friday to enjoy the EuroCup FabFive Challenge to the fullest!