EuroLeague on Social Media

Mar 17, 2020 by Print

The suspension of play in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeagues and the care being taken by players across the continent to make sure that the guidelines put forth by authories to keep people safe are a big subject in their social media accounts these days, as are the ways they are spending their time indoors and keeping their families close in these difficult times.

HELP ALWAYS NEEDED: Join the #YoMeCorono movement and help stop this pandemic! Scientists work tirelessly to find a cure and now they need our help! It's very simple! Enter, help with what you can and share your photo with the #YoMeCorono hashtag.

ALBA'S WAY: The first episode of ALBA's daily sports lessons for elementary school students. For kids, teenagers, and even grown ups.

BASKONIA CHALLENGES: Expect more of these in days to come.

It is worth repeating: STAY AT HOME….any way you like it.


Appreciation to medical workers

STAY AT HOME: In most countries, the message is the same for everyone!

A REMINDER FROM RUDY: Take care of your pets, too.

MESSINA ON ESPN: AX Exchange Armani Milan's head coach spoke to the biggest sports channel in the United States about the impact of the virus on his team and Italy in general.

STAY AT HOME CHALLENGE: At home, with family, there are plenty of ideas – and challenges – about what to do with the down time.

HAPPY 40th TO FELIPE: The oldest player in the competition turned 40 on Monday. Not in the circumstances he imagined, but nevertheless, happy birthday Mr. Reyes!

SENSE OF HUMOR: A sense of humor always helps during tough times.

TEAMMATES AT A DISTANCE: Fabien Causeur and Facundo Campazzo of Real Madrid streamed themselves playing a video game on twitch.

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