ALBA's daily sports lesson is up and running

Mar 18, 2020 by Print

With millions of households quarantined or sheltering at home across Europe and the world as authorities seek to control the COVID-19 outbreak, ALBA Berlin has risen to the challenge by offering free daily sports lessons for all ages on its YouTube channel. The first episode of " ALBA's daily sports lesson" was released earlier Wednesday and the club will continue to drop age-appropriate episodes on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.

There will be one 30-minute program geared towards pre-school aged children with two more 45-minute programs – one for lower and middle school students and another for high school and older. Viewers will be issued daily challenges to compete with each other and against the moderators. Friday's episodes will end with tips on ways to stay fit over the weekend, too.

"Everything that we normally do with children and young people - training, games, travel, in clubs, at schools, at daycare centers - will not be possible in the foreseeable future," explained ALBA Vice President Henning Harnisch. "This is an unusual situation, which is particularly worrying for children. We are dealing with this crisis in a positive and creative way, we will be with the community despite the separation and we will turn apartments into sports venues. That is why we are now doing what school sports experts have been demanding for years: a daily sports lesson for children and young people of all ages."

ALBA has recruited its fitness and yoga instructors for the task, while youth basketball coaches will integrate biology, math and music into their lessons. Viewers can expect to see ALBA's EuroLeague players make guest appearances, too. All episodes will be available on-demand on ALBA's YouTube Channel.