EuroLeague on social media: Championship edition

Jun 01, 2021 by Print

HIGH CLASS: After battling in the championship game on Sunday, FC Barcelona and Anadolu Efes Istanbul were all class in winning and losing.

THAT WINNING MOMENT: A view from Efes bench of the moment they became EuroLeague champs.

POST-GAME FUN: MVP Vasilije Micic and his countryman actor Darko Peric sang 'Nocas mi srce pati' after the game, and Efes players and staff had memorable time after their win.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME REACTIONS: Sunday's game was packed with drama and intensity, and EuroLeague stars took notice.

CONGRATS: EuroLeague teams, and some of the EuroLeague players of past and present took it to Twitter to congratulate Efes on winning the title, including the players from Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow, two clubs Efes ousted in the EuroLeague Playoffs and the Final Four, respectively.

THA CHAMPS: Efes won its first EuroLeague title, and every Efes player became a first-time champion.

ARRIVAL HOME: Efes arrived home to Istanbul on Monday afternoon, to a festive atmosphere, and once again, the EuroLeague MVP did not shy away from a spotlight. Once at home, Adrien Moerman's daughter really liked her dad's EuroLeague trophy.